Corporate solution

Corporate and transaction banks looking to offer new services, differentiate their offering, reduce risky and costly cash handling and enhance workflow, can now drive their business forward with MicroTEC.

Our Mobile Corporate Solution gives access to scalable, secure mobile payment capabilities that can be used in-house and offered to your corporate customers. The benefits are increased revenue and reduced costs for your business, while transforming the way payments are made.

Our products enable a wide range of functions:

  • Cashless Disbursements - customers receive payments on their mobile devices
  • Remote Authorisations - customers approve transactions on their mobile devices anywhere, so they can be processed without delay
  • Invoice Presentment & Payment - customers receive and pay invoices on their mobile devices, enabling timely and secure cashless collection

The MicroTEC Mobile Corporate Solution is designed for transaction banks and large corporations, being robust and scalable enough to manage high volumes of payments traffic.

You too can benefit from MicroTEC's Mobile Corporate Solution to:

  • Deliver cashless ecosystems
  • Reduce working capital
  • Speed up workflow processes
  • Simplify payroll processes
  • Remove cost of cash handling and collections
  • Simplify logistics
  • Reduce risk profile

Like all MicroTEC solutions, our MicroTEC Mobile Corporate Solution supports web browsers, mobile web, SMS, and mobile applications for most popular platforms, including Java™ ME, BlackBerry®, Android™, Windows® Phone, and iOS. Based on the market and end-users we will recommend the best combination of the aforementioned channels to offer the services.

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