A universal platform

MicroTEC’s mobile payment platform heralds a major shift in the mobile payment sector. Now anyone can make and receive payments, anywhere in the world, with any mobile device, using a single universal mobile payment platform.

There are over five billion mobile users in the world and with MicroTEC's technology you can reach them all - today and tomorrow. Through our managed service the platform is easy to integrate with no barriers to adoption and is future-proofed against all handset and mobile technology changes.

Specific features of the universal platform include:

  • Access through universal user interfaces. MicroTEC works on any mobile device, from basic feature phones to smart phones and tablet devices, regardless of what network these devices operate on. Web browsers can also be used.
  • Services for retail and corporate customers, covering solutions for the banked and under-banked.
  • Transactions in any currency and language, even if the language is written right-to-left.
  • Universal reach without the integration issues that could arise from integrating multiple platforms

This means that MicroTEC embraces:

  • Basic phones to smart phones and tablets
  • SMS to mobile applications (including Java™ ME, BlackBerry®, Android™, Windows® Phone, and iOS)
  • Internet Explorer 7 to Google Chrome
  • Remote islands to the biggest Metropolis
  • People earning $1 per day to Finance Directors  of billion $ companies
  • Payroll providers to insurers
  • From English to עברית מן
  • Dollars to Rupees
  • Mobile Wallets to Card Accounts
  • Messaging to Clearing
  • Web-services to ISO8583

As a MicroTEC customer you also benefit from a service orientated architecture distinguished by:

Solutions with

  • Easy consolidation of channels
  • Server-side applications of mobile payments platform
  • Leading security protocols

Leading core banking software

  • Payments processing & account hosting backbone using core banking system components
  • Interoperability with core banking systems

Microsoft Technologies

  • Microsoft BizTalk for Business Process Mapping and ease of implementation

Easy integration

MicroTEC usually integrates through web-services via secure VPN tunnels. Alternatively MicroTEC's universal platform includes an interface layer via Temenos T24.  This provides ready-made connectors to traditional payment networks. Furthermore MicroTEC's universal platform uses Microsoft BizTalk as an orchestration layer.  This allows MicroTEC to easily deploy connectivity for bespoke connections.

Bank-grade managed service

Temenos T24 is used by hundreds of banks worldwide, and MicroTEC is the only mobile payment solution which incorporates a bank platform with a mobile payments system. The integration of market-leading applications into our own services enables MicroTEC to provide the most advanced and robust mobile payment platform; able to scale to meet large transaction volumes and the mission critical standards that banks are regulatory required to fulfil.

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