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  • MicroTEC on Sibos TV

    Watch the video of MicroTEC's CEO Martin Wilson talking about mobile payment innovations on Sibos TV. Broadcast on the on-site screens at the global finance conference Sibos, the interview also features a demonstration of a MicroTEC mobile payment application in action.

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  • MicroTEC on Finextra

    Watch Finextra interview MicroTEC's CEO Martin Wilson about MicroTEC's mobile payment offering. Finextra's Elizabeth Lumley finds out why the mobile payment market is growing and the key role MicroTEC plays within it.

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  • National Bank of Abu Dhabi

    Watch the video to hear the National Bank of Abu Dhabi disclose the bank's vision for mobile payments services and the rigorous standards that underline their progressive Arrow services. MicroTEC technology and expertise is at the heart of the Arrow mobile services, and in another interview Ahmed Al Naqbi stated "We are the face of the brand, MicroTEC is the technology that drives it".

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  • Deutsche Bank

    Watch the video to hear Deutsche Bank discuss the future of mobile payments and why Deutsche Bank has partnered with MicroTEC.

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