The opportunities

There are currently over five billion mobile users worldwide and this figure is constantly growing. MicroTEC can convert them all into payers and receivers.

Through our technology, the mobile payments market opens up for financial institutions and corporates around the world; in fact, analyst house Gartner puts growth of transaction value at $721billion by 2017. Moreover, over two billion mobile phone users are estimated to be unbanked and wanting financial inclusion.

The social media generation expects to use mobiles for everything - the mobile is convenient and ownership is increasing exponentially. Payments will be fast and they will be made through a global payment hub like the MicroTEC ecosystem; mobile technology will be the facilitator, delivering time and cost-efficiencies to corporates and consumers.

MicroTEC is uniquely placed to give you access to this exciting mobile payments market. We are the only mobile payment provider to offer:

  • An integrated banking platform
  • A managed service proposition
  • Distinct solutions for Corporate and Retail segments
  • A global mobile remittance ecosystem
  • A universal solution that work anywhere and with any mobile device with any mobile network operator.

Our independence has enabled us to develop the only open system available, which means that MicroTEC can easily be integrated with other systems, including social media networks and mobile networks.  We believe that the world of payments will expand beyond banks in the future. MicroTEC is uniquely placed and poised for this explosion in growth.

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