Mobile Banking solution

Retail banks want to find cost-efficient ways to offer new services and increase their customer base anywhere in the world.

Our Mobile Branchless Solution provides banks in markets with high mobile phone usage an opportunity to expand beyond your footprint. The benefits are new revenue and reduced costs for your business. In markets with a large unbanked population you can also drive financial inclusion for everyone.

Our products enable a wide range of functions:

  • Mobile Wallet - customers securely manage their finances from their mobile device
  • Domestic Payments - customers pay people, bills, charities and merchants; top up their mobile phones or purchase tickets
  • Disbursements - customers receive their wages into an account linked to their mobile device
  • Agent Solutions - customers visit retailers or agents to receive money as cash or into mobile wallets
  • Remittances - customers send money to their families conveniently, quickly and securely from their mobile devices

The MicroTEC Mobile Branchless Solution is designed for:

  • Retail banks
  • Exchange houses
  • Payroll processors
  • Bank/Payment switches
  • Mobile network operators

MicroTEC products have been commissioned by the National Bank of Abu Dhabi, Workers Equity Holding and Emirates International Exchange in the UAE as well as IT Consultants Ltd in Bangladesh to name but a few.

You too can benefit from MicroTEC's Mobile Branchless Solution to:

  • Expand beyond bricks and mortar
  • Simplify payroll processes
  • Reduce your risk profile
  • Penetrate new geographies
  • Reach billions of unbanked consumers
  • Virtualise operations and save costs
  • Reduce working capital

Like all MicroTEC solutions, our MicroTEC Mobile Branchless Solution supports web browsers, mobile web, SMS, and mobile applications for most popular platforms, including Java™ ME, BlackBerry®, Android™, Windows® Phone, and iOS. Based on the market and end-users we will recommend the best combination of the aforementioned channels to offer the services.

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