Former MicroTEC mobile payments customers

To our MicroTEC Customers,

Over the years, MicroTEC has gradually been evolving to partner with banks and financial institutions around the world as our goal has always been to offer a wide choice of mobile payment services to as many customers as possible.

We'd like to thank you for having signed up with MicroTEC for a mobile payment account and hope to bring you new and improved mobile payments via your bank in the future.

We have written to all our customers highlighting next steps, for some of you no further action is required and it simply remains to say 'thank you' and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

If you still have funds in your MicroTEC wallet, please contact MicroTEC using the email address below, and you will receive instructions from MicroTEC Support on how to reclaim your funds.

Q: How do I reclaim my funds?
A: Please fill in the form below and you will receive instructions by e-mail from MicroTEC Support.

Q: What does it cost to reclaim my funds?
A: There is no cost to you for reclaiming your funds.

Q: What will MicroTEC do with my personal data/ information after my MicroTEC account is closed?
A: We are legally obliged to store your data for 5 years. This will be held securely and subject to data protection law.

Q: I received an SMS/e-mail informing me that the transfer of my remaining funds was incorrect. What has happened to my funds, and when will the funds be credited to my payment card?
A: There was a discrepancy between your remaining balance and the amount credited to your payment card. This transaction has been reversed and the correct balance has now been credited to your card. Please allow up to 10 banking days for the transaction to register on your statement.

Q: I received an SMS/e-mail informing me that only part of the remaining balance in my MicroTEC account had been credited to my registered payment card. What has happened to my funds and when will they be credited to my payment card?
A: The initial transfer did not include all your outstanding funds. We will now credit your account with your remaining funds. Please note you do not need to take any further action.

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