Corporate information

MicroTEC International Limited Registered Dubai branch of MicroTEC International Limited
Registered in Ireland Trade Licence Number: 626999
Registered Number: 24347666 Registered branch office:
Registered Address: Dubai Internet City
Unit 1H, Block 71 Arenco Tower, 1st Floor, Office 102
Parkwest Facilities Complex, P. O. Box 487856
Nangor Road Dubai
Dublin 12 UAE
Ireland ·
Tax number: 9759520O ·
· ·
MicroTEC Solutions AS MicroTEC Limited
Registered in Norway Registered in England and Wales
Company Number: 981689526 Company Number: 6529279
Registered Address: Registered Address:
Dronning Mauds gate 10, Millbank Tower
0250 Oslo 21-24 Millbank
Norway London SW1P 4QP
VAT registration number: 981 689 526 MVA United Kingdom
. VAT registration number: 988 8866 13

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